Website Ranking (SEO)

Why do you need Website Ranking?

More than 80% of all traffic (visits) on the web comes from the main search engines, such as Google. That’s why getting your website listed in searches for relevant terms is crucial to the online success of your business.

It is not only important to have an excellent Web design but it should be easily found by search engines.

Get extraordinary results by taking your company to the top positions in Google.

What is the Website Ranking service?

In order to achieve better rankings in your search results, we provide a comprehensive website ranking service (SEO), which consists of several stages and tasks:

1. Initial diagnostic:

As a first stage, we carry out an exhaustive analysis of the initial situation, which will provide valuable information for determining the next steps to follow and the points where it should be emphasized.

2. Determination of Keywords:

Using professional techniques, which evaluate relevance, competitiveness, ROI, etc., a set of keywords and key phrases is determined to base ranking strategies and thus optimize the results of your website.

3. SEO web optimization:

Using the information from the previous points, the structure and content of the pages that make up your website are optimized, using techniques recommended by search engines.

4. Structure of internal and external links:

One of the key aspects for ranking in search results is how efficient your link structure internal (inter-links between the contents of your website) and the relevance of the links of other websites that refer to yours. Again, following the approved standards, we contribute to increasing and making this structure more efficient.


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