Web design focused on user experience

What does “user experience” mean in web design?

User experience corresponds to the way the user (visitor) feels when browsing a website and how they can respond, physically, intellectually, and emotionally to the website.
There are many factors that go into creating an optimal user experience. They involve combining form and function to accomplish a goal. By objective we mean different actions depending on the type of website, but typically they are sending a contact form, requesting a quote, a phone call or an online purchase.

Because it is important?

The way in which the user interacts with the website is important to determine if they are going to take any action that leads to the fulfillment of the objectives for which the website was designed.
Users of the website will respond more positively if the site looks and responds denoting that it was designed for them and what they are looking for.
When users perceive smooth navigation and feel immersed in exploring a website, there is a greater chance that the website’s business objectives will be met.

How to translate this into a competitive advantage?

In Digital Dominar Web design User experience is one of the relevant aspects to take into account in the planning, structuring and design process of a web page. If the way a user can feel when navigating through the site is taken into account before and during the web design process, it helps the final product generate more leads.

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