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– And these are all your projects in your portfolio? – Clients often ask us.

– No, not all, – we answer.

– And why? – the first are not appeased.

All that remains is to shrug your shoulders. Write “we are too lazy to update the portfolio” or “we have no time” reluctance. Because it’s a shame. Because it’s true. We are “lazy” and we are “reluctant”. And there are many other tasks in the plans that we consider more important. So do not hesitate to ask – did you do this, but this, and this? Our main business, on which we make the main revenue, is an increase in targeted traffic to client sites and an increase in sales via the Internet, but over the years of work we have managed to do a lot besides this. We will try to extract something from our archives. 

Among our projects were both successful and not very successful. Some had to be pretty tricky, while others walked like clockwork. Irritation from disagreement and misunderstanding was replaced by joy from the first serious surges in traffic and increased sales. Letters, brainstorming sessions, finding solutions to “unsolvable” problems have long been the main components of our daily life, from which we really enjoy. You can call us crazy or masochists, whatever you like. But the fact remains – we are ready to tear up one place so that your business begins to bring you what you opened it for. Profit.


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