Link Strategy

Link Strategy: The magic ingredient of web positioning

If a website is isolated in the world of the internet, it does not succeed, it does not convert, it does not obtain the expected results. The magic ingredient is missing: a correct link strategy.

One of the most important aspects of the SEO optimization of a web page is the link strategy that it develops. Arguably, the internet structure and positioning work in a similar way to social relationships :

If an individual is mentioned by many people, it is likely that he is better known than the one that no one talks about. But in turn, it also weighs how well-known the people who are mentioning it are. If a celebrity mentions an individual on your television show, that mention will have more impact than if a stranger mentions it. And there is even more, if the one who mentions it, in addition to being popular, is a reference in the field of action of the individual, said mention becomes even more valuable.

Google is known to consider links as “votes of confidence.” The more links your website has (as long as they are from good quality sites) the more “popular” your site will be and this will contribute to increasing your website’s search rankings.

Aspects of the link structure:

The link structure of a web page or online business consists of two aspects:

1. Structure of external links:

It refers to the links of other web pages that link to our website. This is directly related to the example above on social relationships.

 2. Internal structure of links:

It refers to how the internal pages of our website are related to each other.

What is the link strategy?

The link building strategy (known in English as “link building strategy”) refers to concrete and sustained actions over time with respect to getting other key websites to incorporate a link to our website.
It is essential to emphasize that this type of task must be carried out with absolute knowledge. Recently, many search engines have changed the way they value this and an abuse of this technique could be extremely detrimental to the positioning of a website. Therefore, it is important to know technically which links (and to what extent) they contribute to the ranking of a website.

Do you know what state your link structure is currently in?

At Digital Dominar we have the appropriate tools to carry out an initial diagnosis of your link structure. Based on the results, we can advise you without obligation on what link strategy should be taken in the particular case of your business and how this could benefit you.

Simply contact us now using the following form and we will pass you the requested information shortly.

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