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Email marketing remains one of the most used communication channels for businesses. This direct marketing tool is practical, fast and economical. It serves both to inform the recipient of news and the agenda of a company as well as its new products. It encourages the recipient to purchase a product or participate in an event. Digital Dominar marketing supports you in the emailing strategy and creates your emailing campaigns for you from A to Z.

Why continue to use emailing?

- Instant results

Emailing campaigns allow you to have instant feedback unlike other web marketing levers which can sometimes require several weeks or even months of development. Emailing is a quick and efficient way to get results. Concretely, this amounts to working well with local queries (and therefore the right keywords) associated with city names, as well as Google My Business listings. As a reminder, the GGMB file is linked to Google Maps (for the geographical map) and to Google (for reviews/ratings). This card takes up space in search results, so it is essential to use it in a local SEO strategy. It is in this context that our local SEO consultants support you.

- A high return on investment

Thanks to the targeting capacity, the low investment cost it represents and the low acquisition cost, email marketing provides an ROI of around 4400%.

- The preferred communication channel for consumers

Although the number of emails is only growing in our boxes, email is still THE preferred means of communication for consumers to interact with brands. 81% of customers who receive personalized product recommendations via email consider themselves likely to return to the website to make a new purchase.


of email ROI comes from segmented and well-targeted campaigns at the start


of customers like to receive discounts by email


more chances that an email will be opened if it is personalized


of newsletter subscribers claim to have purchased a product or service online by clicking on the link in the email

We support you in your email marketing strategy!

Digital Dominar takes care of all the necessary steps to make your next email campaign a success. Depending on your goals and needs: acquire new subscribers, encourage old customers to buy, inform your base about the release of a new product, increase registrations for an event, generate sales leads, etc., we identify the segments to potential your subscriber base. Then, we establish an email marketing strategy adapted to each potential segment. Our team is responsible for creating each email. We write the texts, create the visuals and advise you on the best times to ensure optimal deliverability of your emails

Our support in email marketing

  • Segmentation of the subscriber base
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Drafting of texts
  • Creation of visuals
  • Deliverability advice
  • Updating and qualification of the subscriber base
  • Reporting on email performance


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